Dear Ms. Lahren,

Firstly, I’d like to applaud your condemnation of the officers who murdered George Floyd. I must say that given how much our values differ, it was a pleasant surprise to find something that we can agree on. I was also surprised (I’m sad to say) by the…

A quick insight into how I’m trying to maintain my mental equilibrium about just one thing

The other day, while reading about stocking up on whatever medication you might need in the face of a possible quarantine, I had what felt like was already my twentieth anxiety attack in the face of COVID-19 (it was probably my third, but I digress).

You see, like most of…

Confessions from a recovering people pleaser

I learned the hard way that your teachers are not always right. For all of us, teachers run the gambit of human being: they can be inspiring, cool, fun, narcissistic, cold, and cruel. And since we start learning in a school environment, we’re taught to respect these giving, flawed individuals…

An experiment in exchanging regret for your presence for pride in it.

What does it actually mean to apologize? In the best of all worlds, it means to take responsibility; to own when you’ve done something wrong, and to start making reparation; to understand that you’ve caused hurt or inconvenience.

Ideally, this ownership of feeling and understanding of where you’ve gone wrong…

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.

I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of everyday routine, the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition.

Ever since 2006 and I first heard Hugo Weaving’s deep voice growl that “people should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of…

I went to look back at my Medium stats today, and I decided to check the Publication date on my last story. It was January 23, 2017.

I’m a little confused about why it’s taken me so long to apply my fingers to my computer keys. After all, I love…

Amy Schmidt

Writer, filmmaker, tarot reader, eternal nerd, lover of Thai noodles. Writing my way through post-concussion syndrome one anxiety attack at a time.

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